Friday, February 16, 2024

Cabrini Fest VII - March 17th, 2024

Cabrini Fest VII - I can't believe we made it 7 years y'all! Great lineup with DJ Andrei Matei, Rasta Sol, and Cabrini Green DJ'ing between live acts. Free cocktails, sparkling water, and light snacks provided. Bring beer and more substantial food if you need it. There's also the bodega down the street if you need to order food-they are great.

And most importantly perhaps, once again the only SXSW party with a hot tub for seven years running (barring 2 year interruption for the 'rona)


2 PM Aktivity 512

3 PM Pilgrimess

4 PM The Vyb Project

4:30 PM VHU

5:30 PM Ras Mundi

6:30 PM Cabrini Green

7 PM Burns

8 PM Lost Cat Magnet