Sunday, June 11, 2017

Venture forth, bold soul, into the magical land of awesomeness and adventure that is Cabrini Green's 40th Birthday Fest and "Green Magic" album release.

Come celebrate as Cabrini continues his transition from young apprentice to ancient wizard king. Listen to the dulcet sound of the new bangers from his latest release "Green Magic."

Witness the glorious wonders of the support acts, including the comely lass #1 Babe, the court jester Chris Big Money, the wizended sage Mutant Press, the squad of troubadors known as Mexmode, the high priest Pat G., and the wandering minstrel Witness of Kiss or Kill who will spin selections from his magical boxes of records in between the other acts. Magical visual enchantments will be provided by master illusionist EYEON.

Quaff from the finest beverages in the land as the royal courtiers of the tavern known as Dozen Street prepare their magical concoctions for your enjoyment.

Set times:

8 PM - Mutant Press
9 PM - #1 Babe
10 PM - Cabrini Green
11 PM - Mexmode
12 PM - Pat G.
1 AM - Chris Big Money