Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Happy to be a part of this compilation put together by Igor Jovanovic.  From his Facebook post:

The compilation Uros Pajic and I co-curated.
The idea around it was that the basic musical motif or the dominant moment of the tracks should contain the 4 tones C, C#, D# and E."
In 1973 Bernstein held the first in a series of lectures entitled Unanswered Question on music phonology, exploring the idea of the universal root/monogenesis of music. The first example he gave was the CC#D#E group of notes occurring throughout many classical, modern and folk pieces.
Although the lecture doesn't give an explanation of the supposedly universal nature of this occurrence, it does make us wonder whether playing around that group of notes would wake us to some universal feature of music. So the aim was to find out and play with something that is unprovenly universal and probably deeply rooted in the very existence of music.
thanks to all the artists involved: Alen Ilijic, Joseph Damman, Ivan Ckonjevic, Razabri, Dave Fuglewicz, Dako Loop Orchestra, Fischermen,Mean Flow, Cabrini Green, Seiei Jack, Lezet, Painburn, SRVTR,Analchang., adarkah(ianku), Zumaia,Saint de l'Abime, Moncho Fuego, Lacrimas, Zoran.
free download:…/VA_-_Murmure_I…/VA_-_DODIRIMI/