Thursday, November 13, 2014

This weekend I will be participating in "The Eternal Jam", a 24-hour long jam session that is taking place as part of the East Austin Studio Tour.  The location is Cement Loop at 5811 Berkman Dr. Ste. 140, Austin, TX 78723. It's in a strip mall, and Cement Loop at the east end- there will likely be signs out indicating it as a stop for the East Austin Studio Tour.  What is the Eternal Jam, exactly, you may ask?  Well from their Facebook event page we can garner the following description:

"The Eternal Jam is musically improvised performance that will span 24 hours. The piece will be performed by a rotating cast of musicians, some of whom play together often and will be coming together for the first time. Musicians from a variety of genres will be working together on this celebration of community and collaboration."

In short, it's a bunch of musicians/noisemakers from the Austin underground/experimental scene who will be getting together to make a glorious noise for 24 hours straight without stop.. all in the name of art!

If this sounds like your cup of tea.. come on down.  I will be jamming on Sunday, November 16th from 1-3 PM on the harmonica.  But you can also come by between the hours of 5-6 pm on Saturday the 15th, and 11 am til 6 pm on Sunday the 16th. The Cement Loops is open to the public during those hours.