Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I am happy to announce I will be the DJ as well as a performer at Erin Parr's Magical Birthday Music Blitz to be held at the Museum of Human Achievement on October 18th.  I'll turn it over to the birthday girl to describe the event in her own words:

"Now I Am 33
I'm Clever As Clever
So I Think That I'll Be 33 Now
For Ever & Ever

I love you and I want you to celebrate my birthday with costumes and dancing and and my favorite music in the world!
(Location info at the bottom of invite.)

Masquerade Dance Party. Wear your flashiest costumes! Dress to sparkle! Dance to impress!

Some drinks, snacks, and cake - but please BYOB


6pm - Cabrini Green (with Peppermint!)
7pm - Null Hypothesis
745pm - Pilgrimess
830pm - Static Lines
915pm - Damp Heat (
10pm - Ouiness
11pm - Attic Ted
12am - Nick's House Band

and your wacky host for the evening, Mickey Voodoo!

DJing by Cabrini Green!
PHOTO BOOTH by Michael Reust!

The Museum of Human Achievement is a private club. You may sign up for their newsletter and receive their address via email:

If you need directions, feel free to email me at: