Thursday, October 15, 2015

This year, Halloween fell on a weekend.. me and Cabrini Green are trick or treatin'!

But seriously though.. I am really excited to be DJ'ing at this amazing Halloween party on, you guessed it, Halloween!  I'll do a cut and paste from the Facebook event so you can see the details for yourself:


B A N D S ! ! !
Wednesday Addams (The Reeks/Carl Sagan's Skate Shoes group)
ZOMBIE PRIDE PARADE (Gold Field Hotel Apparitions)
Teenage Cavegirl
WYZZRD (Megafauna)
COUNT DAVULA AND HIS VAMPIRE BRIDES (Members of Xetas, ¿QuĂ© Pasa?, The Really Rottens and other bands you love!)

DJing inbetween by Cabrini Green

Beer provided by Dos Equis and Tiger, and a special spooky punch concoction from Leroy, plus snacks from Elinor!

Now with the Return of Karaoke from The Karaoke Underground!

If you went last year, I can already tell you this one is gonna be bigger. White people leave your Day of the Dead costume at home, be a Juggalo instead."